ELDK included in which AMCC440EP Kit?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Sep 21 04:10:45 EST 2005

In message <20050920151811.C0246E55 at smtp.263.net> you wrote:
>     I'm going to buy the AMCC440EP Evaluation Kit , there are two
> types : one is Bamboo , another is Yosemite .
>     Witch of them supported by ELDK , or both of them . There are
> not clear message from web.

The ELDK is a tool chain. It is hardware independent, so any  4xx/44x
board is "supported" by the ELDK.

Both the U-Boot and the Linux source code as available  on  the  ELDK
CDROM  image  is  too  old  for  the Yosemite, but you can access the
current versions from our git/CVS/FTP servers, and then  both  Bamboo
and Yosemite are supported.

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