I2S MPC5200

Bob Peterson bob at acdstar.com
Sat Sep 17 02:16:26 EST 2005

Hi Arnaud (and all),

My I2S audio driver seems to work fine for our icecube-based mpc5200.
It is attached for all the world to smear.  Hardware assumptions are 
included in
the comments.  It assumes a pcm1717 i2s dac running on psc2.
It implements much of the oss and mixer ioctls, volume controls, etc.

It seems to be pretty stable:
I've fixed many interrupt and timing problems of the original and
played many songs for many days with this version of the driver.


Bob Peterson
bob at acdstar.com

At 08:29 AM 9/16/2005, Arnaud Carer wrote:
>I am looking for an I2s Linux driver to implement an audio output 
>with the mpc5200
>I2s.c and i2s_ring.c include in the DENX ELDK kernel seems to be wrong.
> >i2s.c is not really a driver, but a (very OLD) test  version  of  one
> >used  to  demonstrate  certain  BestComm  related problems. Don't try
> >using it as a real driver ;-)
> >The ring driver appears to be RX only,
>Arnaud Carer
>Firmware Development
>Tel: 02 96 48 68 18
>Fax: 02 96 48 19 11

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