Help on 8260 board

Alex Zeffertt ajz at
Tue Sep 13 18:52:11 EST 2005

On Tue, 13 Sep 2005 09:48:26 +0530
prabha.j at wrote:

> With default settings i have built both the kernel and u-boot image. But i 
> want to do according to the board.
> Please give me some advice on this.

Don't use the defaults.  The configuration is already done for you -

In u-boot-<version>:

	make MPC8260_config

In linux-<version>:

	make ads8260_config
	make oldconfig

Also, I suggest you read the DULG wiki on using linux with u-boot in PPC environments.  It's mostly
aimed at the 8xx but it all still applies to the 82xx:


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