Platform devices on MPC8245

Mark Brown broonie at
Thu Sep 8 02:58:26 EST 2005

On Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 08:42:38PM +0400, Vitaly Bordug wrote:

> Yes, that's right. The proper solution (I guess) will be reconfiguration 
>  in  mpc10x_bridge_init() so that memory covered by the bridge do not 
> intercept anything what pdevs request. Or (less probably) there's 
> something odd in pdevs descriptions - if so you need to find out what 
> exactly is intercepted with the bridge area.

Setting the parent for the on-chip devices to be the PCI bridge ought to
do the trick, I think.  The thing that's worrying me is that I can't see
how existing users of this code manage to do so successfully.

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