linuxppc-2.4.30-pre1 crashes with root fs on Xilinx SystemACE

Tony Lee tony.p.lee at
Thu Sep 1 11:11:06 EST 2005


Some suggestions, before you verify your hw board/FPGA works fine with 
* don't use sysace as root fs.
* use a ram fs as root fs. 
* Next, load sysace driver a loadable driver module. It works, I tried it.
* check mount read only and see if it works.
* Next, mount it writable.

We have some issues with sysace driver initially, everything works out fine 
There were small errors in our HW layout.

I had to hack the sysace driver left and right to id the problem. But at the 

end, after I fixed the layout problem from the fpga's ucf file, the original 
run perfectly without any modification.

In my experiences, the ppc linux distribution and its linux sysace driver 
are good
if everything is setup correctly.

One minor issues: The sysace driver's write performance sucks. I have to 
to others why the upgrade 10 MBytes files with usb flash writer takes tens 
seconds. When we do it from linux (nfs or ftp), it tooks minutes to sync.

Peter, maybe you can push the xilinx a bit on sysace write performance? :-)


On 8/29/05, Peter Ryser <peter.ryser at> wrote:
> Hi Keith,
> I sent you a private email but for other interested people:
> Downloading the latest linuxppc-2.4 kernel I could boot from and access
> System ACE CF without problems on a ML403 (Virtex-4, 4VFX12) and a ML310
> (Virtex-II Pro, 2VP30) using EDK 7.1.2. In both cases I started with
> config_xilinx_ml300.
> - Peter
> Keith J Outwater wrote:
> >Hello -
> >Per a previous suggestion from this list, I rsynced the linuxppc-2.4
> >kernel sources from MontaVista and modified the kernel to run on my 
> custom
> >ppc405/VirtexII Pro based system with U-Boot as the bootloader.
> >When I try to use the SystemACE device as the root filesystem, the kernel
> >crashes with a sig 11. Looking at the 'oops' output it appears the
> >SystemACE driver may be to blame. The crash is random - sometimes I get
> >all the way to login as root and then things crash on a file copy or a
> >file read.
> >Before I start digging deeper, is anyone running a VirtexIIPro based
> >system with the root filesystem in the CF card attached to a SystemACE?
> >I'm wondering if I really have the best kernel and SystemACE driver.
> >BTW, I'm developing the hardware design using Xilinx EDK 7.02i.
> >Thanks,
> >Keith
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