TZ variable setting for denx 2.4.20

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Thu Jan 6 23:12:33 EST 2005

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> I am trying to find a way of setting TZ environment variable with DST

Your subject is misleading. Timezone handling is a user space  issue.
It has nothing to do with the kernel verison.

> I am using 2.4.20 linux kernel from denx.I am running date command from

This has nothing to do with your problems.

> busybox version 0.6 which in is using strftime. The processor is ppc860T.

BB 0.6 ? AFAICT there is no such version. Do you mean  busybox-0.60.5 ?

This is awfully old. Maybe  you  should  try  running  an  up-to-date
version  of  busybox  first?  If  this doesn;'t work, please consider
using the real GNU date  command.  You  should  understand  that  the
busybox  tools  only provide limited functionality, so fancy features
like complex timezone support may not be available.

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