TZ variable setting for denx 2.4.20

Robin robin at
Thu Jan 6 21:04:09 EST 2005

Hi all,
I am trying to find a way of setting TZ environment variable with DST
support for southern hemisphere countries. Its giving a strange problem.
In southern hemisphere countries, DST starts around Oct and ends around
March. The DST time seems to be applicable from Oct until Dec31,19:00hrs.
Then it reverts back to standard time.

For northern hemisphere countries, its working perfectly.(Here DST starts
around March and ends around Oct. There is no year crossing DST period.)

I am sending the system timezone at various times..

bash> export TZ="xxx5:30yyy4:30,M10.1.1,M2.1.1"
bash> date 10010159
Mon Oct  1 01:59:00 xxx 2001
bash> date
Mon Oct  1 01:59:47 xxx 2001
bash> date
Mon Oct  1 03:00:10 yyy 2001
bash> date 12311900
Mon Dec 31 19:00:00 yyy 2001
bash> date 12311959
Mon Dec 31 18:59:00 xxx 2001 <----------- problem. It should have
reverted to xxx only in feb.

Please give me some idea for setting time zone for southern hemisphere

I am using 2.4.20 linux kernel from denx.I am running date command from
busybox version 0.6 which in is using strftime. The processor is ppc860T.

Robin Mathew

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