Stuck in booting 2.6.10-ac11 on Memec Design FF1152...

Jakob Viketoft jakob.viketoft at
Tue Feb 15 21:19:03 EST 2005

Hello everyone!

I seem to be promptly stuck at a place in booting (and has been for a 
while now) so I figured I'd ask the list and see if anyone of you has 
any ideas. This is all on a Memec Design FF1152 Rev. 3 Evaluation board 
containing a XC2VP20 Virtex-II pro chip (two ppc 405GP processors). 
Since the excellent Xilinx tools crash on ELF files, the only option is 
to download a binary and debug using the serial port.

After enabling SERIAL_DEBUG_IO_BASE to the serial port, the last 
printout is "MMU:exit()". Checking the PC and the, I seem to 
halt in the function __delay() which I believe is the function in 
arch/ppc/kernel/misc.S since it's global. Now, I have two problems:

1. How does it get to (and get stuck in) __delay()? Can it be triggered 
by some interrupt if the controller isn't properly configured or is it 
called from init/main.c and there is some missing timer 
(initialization)? Looking at Andrei Konovalovs ML300 setup I can't see 
any external timer configured...

2. gen550_progress() (or something else) seem to be hogging the console 
(serial port) one way or the other, disabling printk() and making it 
much harder to debug. Any suggestions how I could deal with this? The 
serial device is a generic 16550 UART (Xilinx made).

Thanks in advance!


(PS. Andrei: You seem to be using a DCR_INTC on your card and yet 
setting the parameter USE_DCR set to 0. Why is that?)

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