QSlinux dead?

David Jander david.jander at protonic.nl
Tue Feb 15 20:59:26 EST 2005


I am looking for some pointers to people who work on QSlinux, or if it's dead, 
who know where I can ge the source.
I went to www.qslinux.org, but the links there are mostly dead, all e-mail 
sent to addresses listed on the support page of snmc (the makers of qs) 
bounce back.
Does anybody on this list know what's happening to SNMC (QSlinux)?
They claim to have developed several MPC8xx drivers, released under GPL, but 
as of today I am unable to find a trace of them. Only thing left is calling 
the phone number listed on their site, but I figured that I might better ask 
around here first.


David Jander

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