[PATCH 2.6.12-rc2] Freescale 8272ADS PCI bridge support to thestock linux-2.5 (updated)

Vitaly Bordug vbordug at ru.mvista.com
Fri Apr 22 01:29:06 EST 2005

Rune Torgersen wrote:

>>Not 100% sure.  Maybe Wolfgang or someone else know what the existing 
>>m8260 pci functionality is suppose to work with.  It seems 
>>odd that it 
>>did not have some of the bits you added for the 8272ads.  Its 
>>not clear 
>>to me if it actually worked on any systems or not.  Let see 
>>if Wolfgang 
>>has any insight as a first step.
>The current one works on 8266/8265 based boards. It requires u-boot to
>partiallyt set up PCI first.
>I have a patch tat enables 8266ADS support, but have never posted it
>(also because it has been superceded by PQ2ADS patches)
>The missing pieces are the siumcr setup, which is done in U-Boot (almost
>better to do it there as it is highly board dependant, and you would
>have an afoul lot of #ifdefs to support all variants)
>The other missing part is setup of the second outbound PCI wondow
>(pcimask1/pcibr1). This is not used, bacqause the whole outbound window
>is set up to be contiguous, and is covered by pcimsk0/pcibr0
>I am running a slightly modified version of m8260_setup_pci on an
>internal board port, and it works just fine.
>Only change I'v had to do (to m8260_find bridges) is to add a bit on the
>IORESOURCE_IO part, so that IO memory is detected correctly.
>        pci_init_resource(&hose->io_resource,
>			  MPC826x_PCI_LOWER_IO,
>			  MPC826x_PCI_UPPER_IO,
>			  IORESOURCE_IO | 1, "PCI I/O"); // the 1 added
>so IO areas work. :FIXME: find real source
This is all right. The only thing I still don't understand - how this 
stuff work without PCI IRQ (don't know much about 8266 though). On my 
8272 only one IRQ is produced and it should be demux'ed in order for PCI 
devices to work. I agree that the siumcr stuff would better reside in 
the firmware, and I have submitted related patch to the u-boot-users 
list, but I have no idea whether it would be accepted or not (Wolfgang?).

The main point I actually dislike in the current m8260 implementation is 
that it adds defines for the PCI memory map while it exists (and already 
included) in platforms/pq2ads.h. The memory maps are nearly the same so 
we should decide which one will remain.


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