[PATCH 2.6.12-rc2] Freescale 8272ADS PCI bridge support to thestock linux-2.5 (updated)

Rune Torgersen runet at innovsys.com
Fri Apr 22 00:54:06 EST 2005


> Not 100% sure.  Maybe Wolfgang or someone else know what the existing 
> m8260 pci functionality is suppose to work with.  It seems 
> odd that it 
> did not have some of the bits you added for the 8272ads.  Its 
> not clear 
> to me if it actually worked on any systems or not.  Let see 
> if Wolfgang 
> has any insight as a first step.

The current one works on 8266/8265 based boards. It requires u-boot to
partiallyt set up PCI first.
I have a patch tat enables 8266ADS support, but have never posted it
(also because it has been superceded by PQ2ADS patches)

The missing pieces are the siumcr setup, which is done in U-Boot (almost
better to do it there as it is highly board dependant, and you would
have an afoul lot of #ifdefs to support all variants)

The other missing part is setup of the second outbound PCI wondow
(pcimask1/pcibr1). This is not used, bacqause the whole outbound window
is set up to be contiguous, and is covered by pcimsk0/pcibr0

I am running a slightly modified version of m8260_setup_pci on an
internal board port, and it works just fine.

Only change I'v had to do (to m8260_find bridges) is to add a bit on the
IORESOURCE_IO part, so that IO memory is detected correctly.

			  IORESOURCE_IO | 1, "PCI I/O"); // the 1 added
so IO areas work. :FIXME: find real source

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