[PATCH 2.6.12-rc2] Freescale 8272ADS PCI bridge support to thestock linux-2.5 (updated)

Rune Torgersen runet at innovsys.com
Fri Apr 22 02:32:54 EST 2005

	From: Vitaly Bordug [mailto:vbordug at ru.mvista.com] 
	Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2005 10:29

>	This is all right. The only thing I still don't understand - 
>how this stuff work without PCI IRQ (don't know much about 8266
>On my 8272 only one IRQ is produced and it should be demux'ed in order 
>for PCI devices to work. I agree that the siumcr stuff would better
>in the firmware, and I have submitted related patch to the u-boot-users

>list, but I have no idea whether it would be accepted or not

Ah.. That. I have that in a board specific file. Looks excactly like the
implementation you have (for the 8266 port) For our internal board, it
is quite different, so it should probably be in a board specific file
(eg platforms/board_pci_setup.h)
>	The main point I actually dislike in the current m8260
>is that it adds defines for the PCI memory map while it exists 
>(and already included) in platforms/pq2ads.h. The memory maps are 
>nearly the same so we should decide which one will remain.	

I think I like the _LOWER/_UPPER/OFFSET variant. And it need to be
possible to override it in board-files.
I'll work in getting the 8266 PCI support I have to be integrated into
the PQ2[F]ADS board support.

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