MPC8560ADS issues

Jason McMullan jason.mcmullan at
Thu Mar 11 06:04:59 EST 2004

I'm trying to work with FCCs on my PowerQuick III with a
MPC8560 Rev 1, and I'm having quite a difficult time attempting
to get the FCC ethernet ports to work.

The GigE (TSEC) ports work just fine, but the FCC ports don't seem
to TX or RX anything. No IRQs from the FCC, but I get IRQs from the

Switch settings:

SW4:  1-4 ON, 5-8 OFF
SW10: 1 ON, 2-6 OFF, 7-8 ON
SW13: 1 OFF, 2-3 ON

J23,J22: MII(std)
J27,J31: MII

  I have also verified that both of the FCC PHY's on the MII bus
are visible (at PHY IDs 2 and 3).

  Has anyone had any success with the MPC8560ADS and FCCs? In either
Linux or u-boot?

Jason McMullan <jason.mcmullan at>
TimeSys Corporation

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