MPC8560ADS issues

Matthew S. McClintock mattsm at
Fri Mar 12 02:43:05 EST 2004

On Wed, 2004-03-10 at 13:04, Jason McMullan wrote:
> I'm trying to work with FCCs on my PowerQuick III with a
> MPC8560 Rev 1, and I'm having quite a difficult time attempting
> to get the FCC ethernet ports to work.

What version of u-boot are you using? There was a patch around Feb. 24th
that fixed some things in the ethernet driver for u-boot. Although since
you seem to have the TSEC ports working it seems you have the latest

> The GigE (TSEC) ports work just fine, but the FCC ports don't seem
> to TX or RX anything. No IRQs from the FCC, but I get IRQs from the
> PHYs

U-boot does not use interrupts for networking, it just uses polling. How
are you determining you are seeing interrupts from the PHYs and not the

>   Has anyone had any success with the MPC8560ADS and FCCs? In either
> Linux or u-boot?

I have not attempted to use the FCC in u-boot but I have it working in
Linux, well sort of anyways... it is going extremely slow and I am still
investigating that. That being said I don't think u-boot has support for
using the FCC, so what changes did you make to get u-boot?

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