Kernel oops, sig: 7 at last init / modules

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Thu Mar 11 04:55:04 EST 2004

Dear Etienne,

in message <web-18194238 at> you wrote:
> We are using an MPC8260 on a custom board with 16MB RAM,
> 16MB FLASH, DS1558W RTC, LAN83C183 PHY etc. I use Denx's
> U-Boot 0.4.0 for the boot loader, and then their PPC82xx
> embedded linux from their ELDK.

You should use a more recent version of both the U-Boot  sources  and
especially the Linux kernel.

> For me it seems that the problem comes from executing a
> module on the file system (either on NFS or Ramdisk).

Normally no modules are used at all.

> Caused by (from SRR1=49030): Transfer error ack signal
Check this!

> Call backtrace:
> C00401C8 C0033434 C0003B7C 00000000 0FF1A05C 0FF4FBF8
> 0FF4EA04
> 0FF4F858 0FF4C4C8 0FF85B60 0FF85998 10015108 0FEE67B8
> 0FECFF74

Decode the backtrace (see

> Furthermore, if I cross-compile my own simple program (that
> opens devices etc) I am able to run it flawlessly for a
> long time by passing an init=/tmp/myprogram argument to the
> kernel - no oops generated there...?

To me it seems that you should check your memory  map.  For  example,
where  is  the  IMMR  mapped? Did you make sure to put it at a "high"

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