"mkimage" not found

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Mar 4 22:07:37 EST 2004

In message <00a101c401d4$26140fc0$0400a8c0 at portatile> you wrote:
> With the previous ELDK2.0 I would have generated the image with the "make
> pImage" command while now I suppose the command "make uImage" must be used.
> Is this correct?

This is correct, but "make pImage" will still work, too.

> Then at the end of compilation process, I have the following message:
> "mkimage" not found - U-boot Images will not be built.

The "mkimage" should be in your PATH when using the ELDK  -  it  gets
installed in /opt/eldk/usr/bin/

> Anybody has an idea where I am wrong?

Maybe your PATH ist not correct?

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