denx 2.4.20 kernel memory leak

S. Hebbar shebbar at
Wed Mar 3 20:14:15 EST 2004


I am noticing kernel memory leak when I am getting a file using ftp.
For each ftp get session, the skbuff_head_cache is increasing.

  skbuff_head_cache  17232  17232    160  718  718    1
After getting a 8 MB file.
  skbuff_head_cache  18094  18096    160  754  754    1

Finally, system runs out of memory and kernel start killing processes.

I don't think this is driver problem. I can "flud ping" (ping -f) for more
than 24 hours without loosing any memory. I am generating 4000 packets/second
to the target using "ping -f"

I am not sure if there is another application which causes memory leak.

I am using denx 2.4.20 kernel. My target processor is MPC8260.

Any help is much appreciated.


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