Need clarity on compiler & emulator usage

Wells, Charles Charles.Wells at
Mon Mar 1 23:30:33 EST 2004

Sorry for the previous premature post.  Early morning, not enough coffee,
fat fingers.

Thamarai Selvan Wrote:

>what is the advantage of using GNU compiler as such?
>why not other compilers like Diab C compiler can be used?
>can we use vision ice emulators to download the image if not why?
>what is the advantage of using BDI2000?

The main advantage of the GNU compiler over something like Diab is cost.
It's "free" (as RMS says).  I've used Diab in the past and it's a very good
compiler indeed, it's just pretty expensive.

BDI2000 is more Linux-aware than visionICE.  I have visionICE for working on
VxWorks.  I'd prefer BDI2000 for Linux work; but, unfortunately, I don't
have one.


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