Need clarity on compiler & emulator usage

Wells, Charles Charles.Wells at
Tue Mar 2 01:01:35 EST 2004

Thamarai Selvan wrote:

>can we use vision ice emulators to download the image if not why?

I realized I didn't answer this question in my last response.  The
short answer is yes.  visionICE will download a Linux image just fine.

I successfully ported Linux to our custom MPC850 hardware and I used
visionICE/visionEVENT/visionCLICK to do it.  The problem arises when
the startup code turns the MMU on.  At that point, the visionICE/
visionCLICK combination becomes useless.  Further, there is no support
for either kernel or user-land debugging once Linux is up and running.

Note that our visionICE hardware and visionCLICK software is a couple
of years old and WRS may have added some Linux support since that time.

I'd still like to have a BDI2000.


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