TLB and CSSBAR problems with MPC8540 and BDI2000

Matthew S. McClintock mattsm at
Thu Jan 29 02:57:21 EST 2004

On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 11:19, Milliorn Gary-rxcr80 wrote:

> >
> > Yep.  I have one now.  Make sure your u-boot image also has a TLB1
> > entry for your "default" CCSRBAR.  Further, make sure your BDI init
> > section doesn't move the CCSRBAR from the default value assumed by
> > your u-boot image.  I had the latter correct, just didn't realize
> > that a "TLB1 flash invalidate" command to the MMUCSR0 doesn't seem
> > to honor the 'invalidate protect' in the TLB entry.  Everything
> > works fine when you get all of the ducks in a row :-)
>   The TLB1 issue is due to the MPC85x0 errata "CPU4"; there's a s/w
> workaround.  It's nice if BDI fixes it for you, but seems like it would
> not be necessary.

	So I have noticed some things, maybe someone here can explain this.
When If configure everything with my bdi2000 and attempt to boot u-boot
my CPU will crash (COP freeze) when I get to the code that implements
the software workaround that was mentioned above.

	However if I do not configure anything with the bdi2000, and boot
u-boot, it will load just fine. I have even removed the code that causes
the crash in u-boot, recompiled u-boot and with those changes u-boot
will not crash the CPU. But, that same u-boot image will not boot if I
do not have the bdi2000 attached.

	So I guess the question is, what could be configured that would cause
this CPU to crash when the code for the errata was executed?

Here is the code for the workaround:

/* invalidate MMU L1/L2 */
/* Note: before invalidate MMU L1/L2, we read TLB1 Entry 0 and then
 * write it back immediately to fixup a bug(Errata CPU4)  for this
 * TLB1 entry 0,otherwise the TLB1 entry 0 will be invalidated.
#if defined(CONFIG_MPC85xx_REV1)
	lis	r2,0x1000
	mtspr	MAS0,r2
	li      r2, 0x001e
	mtspr   MMUCSR0, r2

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