TLB and CSSBAR problems with MPC8540 and BDI2000

Kumar Gala kumar.gala at
Thu Jan 29 03:10:02 EST 2004


Can you try something out.  I wondering if its the tlbre/tlbwe that's
causing problems or the MMU flash invalidate. (i'm guessing the 2nd.

Can you try adding this code back in and see what happens.  It looks to
me that the #ifdef is to generous to start with.  The invalidation of
the MMU is not really part of the work around.

#if defined(CONFIG_MPC85xx_REV1)
	lis	r2,0x1000
	mtspr	MAS0,r2
#if 0
	li      r2, 0x001e
	mtspr   MMUCSR0, r2

- kumar

On Jan 28, 2004, at 9:57 AM, Matthew S. McClintock wrote:

> On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 11:19, Milliorn Gary-rxcr80 wrote:
>>> Yep.  I have one now.  Make sure your u-boot image also has a TLB1
>>> entry for your "default" CCSRBAR.  Further, make sure your BDI init
>>> section doesn't move the CCSRBAR from the default value assumed by
>>> your u-boot image.  I had the latter correct, just didn't realize
>>> that a "TLB1 flash invalidate" command to the MMUCSR0 doesn't seem
>>> to honor the 'invalidate protect' in the TLB entry.  Everything
>>> works fine when you get all of the ducks in a row :-)
>>   The TLB1 issue is due to the MPC85x0 errata "CPU4"; there's a s/w
>> workaround.  It's nice if BDI fixes it for you, but seems like it
>> would
>> not be necessary.
> 	So I have noticed some things, maybe someone here can explain this.
> When If configure everything with my bdi2000 and attempt to boot u-boot
> my CPU will crash (COP freeze) when I get to the code that implements
> the software workaround that was mentioned above.
> 	However if I do not configure anything with the bdi2000, and boot
> u-boot, it will load just fine. I have even removed the code that
> causes
> the crash in u-boot, recompiled u-boot and with those changes u-boot
> will not crash the CPU. But, that same u-boot image will not boot if I
> do not have the bdi2000 attached.
> 	So I guess the question is, what could be configured that would cause
> this CPU to crash when the code for the errata was executed?
> Here is the code for the workaround:
> /* invalidate MMU L1/L2 */
> /* Note: before invalidate MMU L1/L2, we read TLB1 Entry 0 and then
>  * write it back immediately to fixup a bug(Errata CPU4)  for this
> initial
>  * TLB1 entry 0,otherwise the TLB1 entry 0 will be invalidated.
>  */
> #if defined(CONFIG_MPC85xx_REV1)
> 	lis	r2,0x1000
> 	mtspr	MAS0,r2
> 	tlbre
> 	tlbwe
> 	isync
> 	li      r2, 0x001e
> 	mtspr   MMUCSR0, r2
> 	isync
> #endif
> --
> Matthew S. McClintock <mattsm at>

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