TLB and CSSBAR problems with MPC8540 and BDI2000

Dan Malek dan at
Thu Jan 15 05:39:09 EST 2004

Milliorn Gary-rxcr80 wrote:

>   The TLB1 issue is due to the MPC85x0 errata "CPU4"; there's a s/w
> workaround.  It's nice if BDI fixes it for you, but seems like it would
> not be necessary.

The BDI doesn't fix anything.  I was just expecting the 'invalidate
protect' to actually do that. :-)  I set up several TLB1 entries during
the BDI initialization prior to debugging the boot rom.  The boot rom
then does a flash invalidate and loads up a "new" set of TLB1 entries.
I was expecting the values I set with the BDI to co-exist with the
new ones, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


	-- Dan

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