problem with standard libc on 8xx

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Fri Feb 27 20:43:24 EST 2004

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> I created my own root-fs for a MPC8xx platform
> using standard Debian packages (including libc).
> When I start the system, the init scripts hangs
> I guess that the Debian libc uses floating point - which

Thi sis definitely one cause of the problem.  Another  one  might  be
optimization  for  a  incorrect  cache  line  size  (32 instead of 16

> is not available on MPC8xx - but I thougt the kernel would
> emulate this calls (CONFIG_MATH_EMULATION=y).

This has never been working reliably for any real-life code. And it's
awfully slow.

Also note that you CANNOT mix standard binaries (from Debian) and 8xx
specific libraries (from ELDK) -  this  will  crash  as  soon  as  an
application attempts to use floating point.

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