ADS860 - unable to load kernel- Bad magic number

song sam samsongshzu at
Fri Feb 27 19:07:33 EST 2004

m.venkatraj at wrote:
> The compilation goes through fine, I get "vmlinux" on the top-dir, and
> also a vmlinux.gz in the arch/ppc/boot/images if I do a "make zImage".
> When I configure bootp, and bootup the board, u-boot comes up fine,
> the tftp download of the kernel image goes through fine too. Then I
> am stuck with a "Bad Magic Number". Some initial digup led me to a
> mismatched image header magic number.

This is really a FAQ on U-BOOT.Note,U-BOOT can only
boot LINUX kernel and RAMDISK in its format-by mkimage
tools.You should convert vmlinux.gz as its required
format.Detailes pls see README in u-boot root
directory.Also,reading the following document
carefully is very helpful:

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