ADS860 - unable to load kernel- Bad magic number

John Zhou zjzhou at
Fri Feb 27 15:45:13 EST 2004

(1) you can seenv verify=n, then boot image. if it is OK, then the
length of image when you burned into flash is short for several bytes.

(2) you'd better take a look at doc of

good luck for you!

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From: m.venkatraj at
Sent: Friday, February 27, 2004 12:35 PM
Subject: ADS860 - unable to load kernel- Bad magic number

I am a linux-newbie working on a parallel track on the MPC 860, on a ADS
board. I am facing difficulty in getting the kernel to load. This is
what I have done so far:

- built a cross-toolchain using Dan Kegel's crosstool.
- built u-boot-1.0.1 and flashed it to the board using BDI2000
- built linus-2.4.22, (with the below mentioned patch on last attempt).

The compilation goes through fine, I get "vmlinux" on the top-dir, and
also a vmlinux.gz in the arch/ppc/boot/images if I do a "make zImage".

When I configure bootp, and bootup the board, u-boot comes up fine, the
tftp download of the kernel image goes through fine too. Then I am stuck
with a "Bad Magic Number". Some initial digup led me to a mismatched
image header magic number.

Could anyone please help me with how to go ahead? Am I missing

Also thanks to everyone whose postings on this and other lists helped me
get started!

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From: Xavier Miville [mailto:xmiville at]
Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2004 9:58 PM
Subject: RE: PCI daughter card with USB on a 405GP

You will need to apply the corresponding linuxppc patch
(/pub/linux/kernel/ports/ppc/2.4) to 2.4.22. The zvmlinux doesn't seem
to be built with only 2.4.22.

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