seeking advise on porting custom PPC platform (in my case it is variant of 8xx ) from Linux 2.4.(.26) to Linux 2.6(.10-rc3)

Kumar Gala kumar.gala at
Sun Dec 26 03:18:37 EST 2004


Its my understanding that code moved out of arch/ppc/platforms and 
arch/ppc/kernel in 2.4 into arch/ppc/syslib.  The code in 'syslib' 
deals with items that are not directly related with the CPU cores 
(arch/ppc/kernel) or with board issues (arch/ppc/platforms).  Any code 
that is generic for a number of systems should be in arch/ppc/syslib.  
So code managing pci, interrupt controllers, generic system setup, etc 
lives in arch/ppc/syslib.

The transition predates my work with 2.6, I would guess that Paul M. 
was influential in this change.

If you are just doing a board port then your files should end up in 
arch/ppc/platforms.  It should be rare that you would need to touch 
anything in arch/ppc/syslib.

- kumar

On Dec 24, 2004, at 11:05 AM, Povolotsky, Alexander wrote:

> Hi,
> In Linux 2.6 I see the new directory arch/ppc/syslib, which does not 
> exist
>  in Linux 2.4(.26).
>  I would GREATLY APPRECIATE if Tom or Dan (or someone else) could 
> explain
>  what are the reasons for creating this new directory and describe on 
> what
>  basis existing
>  Linux 2.4 files went there and why  ...
> and if there any new files (vs Linux 2.4) were created in that new 
> directory
>  In general, I am seeking advise on porting PPC platform
>  (in my case it isvariant of 8xx ) from Linux 2.4.(.26) to Linux
>  2.6(.10-rc3).
>   Did anyone created howto document on this subject ?
> Thanks,
> Alex
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