seeking advise on porting custom PPC platform (in my case it is variant of 8xx ) from Linux 2.4.(.26) to Linux 2.6(.10-rc3)

Povolotsky, Alexander Alexander.Povolotsky at
Sat Dec 25 04:05:36 EST 2004


In Linux 2.6 I see the new directory arch/ppc/syslib, which does not exist
in Linux 2.4(.26).
I would GREATLY APPRECIATE if Tom or Dan (or someone else) could explain
what are the reasons for creating this new directory and describe on what
basis existing
Linux 2.4 files went there and why  ... 
and if there any new files (vs Linux 2.4) were created in that new directory

In general, I am seeking advise on porting PPC platform
(in my case it isvariant of 8xx ) from Linux 2.4.(.26) to Linux
 Did anyone created howto document on this subject ?



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