video card for Lite5200

wangwenbin stcwang at
Fri Dec 10 12:33:24 EST 2004

Hi all

   I have successfully boot Linux 2.4.22 on my Lite5200 Evaluation Board with the ELDK. but when I want to use PCI slot for the video card,something goes wrong. The whole board loses supply of electricity. And i take the video card out ,the board is still ok. So i change to put RTL81390 network card into PCI slot. The same thing happen.
    The video card i have tried :
            S3 Trio64V
            Trident TGUI9680
            S3 ViRGE/DX
   Then I ask the Freescale support, they tell me that these board can operate in 5V slot only, While the PCI slot on Lite5200 only offers 3.3V. These days though I search much information about vedio card. I still don't which card can fit Lite5200.And I knew that the new CoralP PCI video card can support Lite5200. Can I get it from market? Anyway I really worry about this, so I turn here and ask your help.and I really appreciate your help! thanks a lot! (There was something wrong with my mailbox,I could not receive the letters these days.So I post it again) 
               Best Regards,  
			   Tony Wang
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