Software routing in 8275

Jostein Pettersen jostein.pettersen at
Fri Dec 10 02:43:41 EST 2004


We consider using a MPC8275 running Embedded Linux to route two 100MB/s 
Ethernet links in software. The traffic will mostly be incoming on the two 
FE links and outgoing on the PCI bus, which is connected to a gigabit 
routing chip (can't connect the two FE links to the routing chip directly, 
since it only has GE ports).

My question is:
Will the MPC8275 be able to handle 2xFE full speed?

Doing the calculations about bus speeds etc, it looks ok, but I know Linux 
does not like high interrupt rates. Is there a rule of thumb about what's 
the maximum recommended interrupt rate at a given clock speed?

Hope to hear from you,
Jostein Pettersen

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