value of XIP? and whether it works with 2.6 kernel?

Dan Malek dan at
Thu Aug 26 13:45:11 EST 2004

On Aug 25, 2004, at 9:27 PM, David Woodhouse wrote:

> It's a little bit harder than that if you want to actually write to the
> same flash chip you're running from. :)

Many of the "modern" parts will let you do that.  Load a buffer,
start the update, come back later to check it.  The MTD may
need some updates to do that, but I'm sure you're up for it :-)
Software upgrade of embedded systems is a totally different
discussion.  Having multiple images that you need to choose
based upon validity, dates, failure to boot previously, etc. are
all things that significantly increase the boot time. :-)

	-- Dan

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