MPC82xx enet on SCC3

Oliver Fuchs olivers.lists at
Tue Aug 17 00:00:32 EST 2004

From:           	Dan Malek <dan at>
Subject:        	Re: MPC82xx enet on SCC3

> > as far as I understand, my kernel (2.4.24 from ELDK3.0) is not
> > prepared for Ethernet on SCC3 of the MPC82xx.
> An #ifdef and two lines of #defines should be all you need,
> unless you have some special BSCR or other set up needed.
Ok, it was a little bit more, but I have it.
I have modified arch/ppc/ and arch/ppc/8260_io/enet.c so
that it fits to SCC1-4 w/o further modifications there.

I would contribute this, if anyone wants to use it.
But as Wolfgang has mentioned frequently, it only makes sense to
contribute a patch that aplies to the latest CVS version.
Is there any chance to get the latest CVS version by HTTP or FTP?


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