Linux 2.4.27-pre6-bk hangs on MPC8540 board

Cordes, Aaron M aaron.m.cordes at
Thu Aug 12 22:47:53 EST 2004

We are bringing up an 8540-based board, and are getting hangs at random
spots when booting Linux.  Sometimes the hangs occur while the kernel is
initializing, sometimes the boot gets far enough where I can log in and
run a couple of programs.  Eventually the board locks up with no oopses
or panics.  If I connect to the board with a debugger, the processor is
usually stopped in the Data miss exception handler, and there is usually
memory corruption in the kernel code.

I ran memory tests using both Edink and U-boot and they all passed, so
I'm reluctant to blame hardware for the memory corruption.  Has anyone
seen similar behavior, or have any suggestions of things I might try?

Thanks in advance
Aaron Cordes

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