Large TLBs on 40x

Dan Malek dan at
Thu Aug 12 04:21:40 EST 2004

On Aug 11, 2004, at 1:58 PM, Josh Boyer wrote:

> Yep, tested it on my board.  It's not the end goal I am looking for,
> but
> it's a good starting point.


> Basically, what I would like to get eventually is large TLBs +
> protected
> kernel text pages.  Like you and Matt pointed out, there are issues
> with
> that.  If it can't be done, .....

It can be done, just not easily.  Requires boundary/alignment of
and set up of the large TLBs.  Then, there is the issue with wanting the
same feature with loadable modules......

> .......  Sometimes protection is more
> important than performance.  Especially when I am hacking on stuff ;).

Well, you have the option now.  Have fun!

	-- Dan

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