Large TLBs on 40x

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Tue Aug 10 12:21:28 EST 2004

On Wed, 2004-08-04 at 12:03, Dan Malek wrote:
> On Aug 4, 2004, at 12:39 PM, Matt Porter wrote:
> > We eagerly await your patch. ;)
> HAHAHAHA!   Fortunately, long ago IBM asked me to return
> all of the development boards I had that belonged to them........
> and I had some cool ones, too :-)

(Sorry for the delay)...

I have some boards I could test such a patch on.  Or is it a case of
"this isn't trivial to do"?  In either case, if someone could give me
some pointers, I'll try and figure it out myself.

And if not, I guess I'll still figure it out myself, but it'll take a
lot longer :).


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