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Fri Aug 6 18:11:46 EST 2004

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> Searching the outputfile of ethereal tells me that the last working nfs LOOKUP call is the libc-2.3.1 call. After this and a lot of Read Call, Read Reply transfers the Target doesn't answer the host.
> (ARP  "who has targetip-address?"). Before this, the LOOKUP call fails.
> (History: dev, console, sbin, init, lib,,, etc, (fails),,, libc-2.3.1, than it crashes). Is the necessary?

No, it's not necesary. It's normal that this lookup fails.

Looks as if your init is crashing.

Try running a (statically linked)  shell  instead  (by  passing  some
init=/bin/sh" option on the boot command line).

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