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Thu Aug 5 20:33:19 EST 2004

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> my kernel hangs by initializing the system. My target is mpc8270-based. I use ELDK 3.0 and mount my root-fs over nfs.
> Denx-kernel 2.4.25.
> It seems like it hangs in "run_init_process("/sbin/init");" or the /sbin/init - file does not work.
> Sometimes the message "INIT: version 2.84 booting" is showed. And after printing this message it hangs, too.
> But the most times it looks like above.
> Any ideas?

Run ethereal and have a look at  the  network  traffic.  Check  which
files get loaded and/or accessed. This might give you an idea.

But first check your memory map. Kernels crashing when entering  user
space   are   often   an  indication  of  illegal  memory  maps.  See

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