System ACE MPU interface to CF card

Sharad Gupta sharad at
Fri Apr 16 05:05:27 EST 2004

Stephen Williams wrote:

> The attached patch demonstrates how I enabled the SYSACE driver
> for my (JSE) board. I'm not so sure I'm happy with it, because
> each board will have to do something similar. I'm thinking that
> the CONFIG_XILINX_SYSACE define should lose its dependence on
> CONFIG_XILINX_OCP, but I'm not clear on the best way to account
> for this in the xilinx_ocp/Makefile.

Thanks Stephen,

Your patch helped me a lot in compiling and configuring my kernel. Just
on a side note, have you been able to talk to compact flash (mount fs on
it, fsck it ?) through system ace ?

My kernel hangs while doing partition check on the drive. All I ever see is

Partition check:

(then nothing happens)

I am using SanDisk's 128MB CF card and system ace is configured in the
byte mode. Any pointers as to why it is not going ahead will be highly


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