System ACE MPU interface to CF card

Stephen Williams 612dlag102 at
Fri Apr 16 06:14:11 EST 2004

Sharad Gupta |PPC Linux Embedded| wrote:

 > Thanks Stephen,
 > Your patch helped me a lot in compiling and configuring my kernel. Just
 > on a side note, have you been able to talk to compact flash (mount fs on
 > it, fsck it ?) through system ace ?
 > My kernel hangs while doing partition check on the drive. All I ever see is
 > Partition check:
 > xsysacea:
 > (then nothing happens)
 > I am using SanDisk's 128MB CF card and system ace is configured in the
 > byte mode. Any pointers as to why it is not going ahead will be highly
 > appreciated.

Works just peachy for me, with 32M and 256M disks installed. I
have most of my embedded system living on the disk (a little
bit of ramdisk for root, and tmpfs for /tmp) with not a spot
of trouble.

I have noticed that if the disk does not have a .ace file on
it, and a Xilinx chip to program, the driver fails to get any
partition info from the disk and it all fails from there. So
I suspect the driver still to some degree relies on the state
of the chip after a successful Xilinx load. If you are trying
to use the chip without an FPGA attached, you may be running
into that.
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