Patch Preview for MVME2100

Oliver Korpilla okorpil at
Tue Apr 6 04:06:28 EST 2004

- The stuff in arch/ppc/boot/mvme2100 can go.

Figured that out today, too. It won't compile anyway. Thanks.

>- The open_pic.c change shouldn't be needed either.
Maybe the CONFIG_EPIC_SERIAL_MODE should be set, shouldn't it? Will add
it tomorrow. Should I add that cascade hookup stuff even if there is no
cascaded 8259?

>- Your openpic_initsenses table looks wrong, and is probably the cause
>  of the uart slowness you found.  What you do is only list the IRQs for
>  which you have something, and use openpic_set_sources calls to skip
>  over the gaps.  Look at lopec_init_IRQ and ask if you still have
>  problems.  I hoped to have documented that one well the first time
>  around. :)
There is one problem - in the LoPEC manual all interrupts are documented
- even if marked unused (I refer to polarity and level/edge). In the
MVME2100 information about that interrupts is N/A. So should I leave
those to 0 still in the initsenses struct?

Thanks for the help,
Oliver Korpilla

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