Patch Preview for MVME2100

Tom Rini trini at
Tue Apr 6 03:23:48 EST 2004

On Sun, Apr 04, 2004 at 01:27:58PM +0200, Oliver Korpilla wrote:

> Hello!
> I tried to port the available patch for MVME2100 from linux-2.4.2 HHL2.0
> to vanilla 2.4.25, and I'd like someone to have a look at it, to say if it
> makes sense, because this is a first-timer.
> It is not yet verified, because I cannot compile or test it before
> tomorrow, but if someone could comment on it still yet, it'd be very much
> appreciated.
> You can download both the original patches and my tries at new patchs
> here:
> The changes I made in detail are attached to this message.

- The stuff in arch/ppc/boot/mvme2100 can go.
- The open_pic.c change shouldn't be needed either.
- Your openpic_initsenses table looks wrong, and is probably the cause
  of the uart slowness you found.  What you do is only list the IRQs for
  which you have something, and use openpic_set_sources calls to skip
  over the gaps.  Look at lopec_init_IRQ and ask if you still have
  problems.  I hoped to have documented that one well the first time
  around. :)
- In mvme2100_set_bat, try something along the lines of:
	mtspr(DBAT1U, 0xf8000ffe);
	mtspr(DBAT1L, 0xf800002a);

Tom Rini

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