Serial Console / Booting Linux with the PPCbug on MVME2100?

okorpil at okorpil at
Thu Apr 1 18:45:18 EST 2004

BTW, I just tested modifying the images with mkbugboot, both with the
vmlinux.gz and zImage.prep - will not boot image off the network. Will not
boot image with RB; V (load from ROM/RAM verbose) if loaded at $10000
address either (both bugboot images).

This always leads to Alignment errors, while trying to boot the
zImage.prep off the net directly does not lead to errors but to a system

I've seen evidence on the list, that the netboot stuff works - most people
seem to have problems transplanting a working configuration into Flash,
but not with netbooting, therefore leading to little useful advice on this
in the list. :(

Hope my config from the previous post is more useful.

Thanks in advance,

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