Serial Console / Booting Linux with the PPCbug on MVME2100?

Oliver Korpilla okorpil at
Fri Apr 2 01:53:43 EST 2004

This is what I expected. Looking quickly over the prep_* files in

>arch/ppc/platform confirms that the MVME2100 is not supported by these
>files.  As an aside, mkbugboot is only needed to put an image into flash
>and boot it. mkprep is used for hd(/cd?), floppy and network.
Just to make sure I tried hard enough.

>Now, a quick googling for Linux and MVME2100 gives this very old, but
>mostly sufficient patch:
>Since you have the hardware, from here it should be not too hard, using
>the LoPEC as an example, port the code in that patch to 2.4 and 2.6 (if
>you do a patch vs 2.6 we can get that support into, if you're
>willing to try and keep the platform working).
>Tom Rini
Well, "not too hard" is a bit funny, since I'm a kernel hacking newbie!
But I guess I should be able to try that 2.4.2 kernel to verify this
patch works, and then try to to stick that stuff into a more recent
(2.4) kernel. I'm not sure if I can support that platform in the long
run, since this (at the moment) a rather limited project - get the
platform running, get board capabilities running, get VME bus running -
produce a demonstration and document that solution as a simple BSP.

Thanks for the advice, and I think I have little other choice than
heeding it, because I'm starting to run out of options. ;)

Oliver Korpilla

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