Is GCC >= 3.1 available for ELDK ? (or other means to compile Ada code)

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Thu Jun 19 04:56:34 EST 2003

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> Does anybody know where I can get the document or manual about PowerPC assembly language ("as") ?

Tha info pages for the GNU  assembler  "as"  are  installed  on  your

The native "as" info files can be found in /usr/share/info/*

If you installed the ELDK in the default  directory  (/opt/eldk)  you
can  find  the  versions  for  the  cross  assembler  for  example in

Note however that this is not  a  "manual"  about  "PowerPC  assembly

As where to find this -  did  you  by  any  chance  enter  the  words
"PowerPC assembly language" into Google search?

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