Assistance with using /dev/fb0 and No X windows

Claus Gindhart Claus.Gindhart at
Tue Jan 14 18:46:56 EST 2003

Hello John,

i assume you want to see console output on the framebuffer
To achieve this, you need
the framebuffer driver
  from your mail i conclude, that You have a framebuffer driver
a keyboard driver
  the dummy keyboard driver is o.k., if you dont have a physical kbd
Additionally you have to enable CONFIG_VT and CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE
on your system.
Please remove console=ttyS0 from the kernel command line. Put a console=xxx
command, which is appropriate for your framebuffer driver (see sourcecode
of framebuffer driver)

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Subject: Assistance with using /dev/fb0 and No X windows

    I have managed to get the "default" VGA/FB support to access my graphics
device on the onboard PCI bus.  We a SMI LynxEM chip on the board.  I have
the vga init() code properly accessing the device and the on chip frame
buffer.  I have used fbset to determine if /dev/fb0 can be accessed, and the
driver is called.  I also tried "ls -l > /dev/fb0" this also gets into the
vga16fb_get_fix() code.

    What I need to do, and here is my lack of understanding, is to have some
program access the /dev/fb0 device and display on the CRT.  I do not have
any X support, only whatever came with the MVL distribution.  I am wondering
what is necessary to use mingetty, or some other display method.

    Added wrinkles:  No keyboard yet, but I do have the console=ttyS0

    So any advice on what I could use or what I may have missed in my
Xconfig settings?

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