Configure 8xx_io in 2.4.21-pre3

Xiaogeng (Shawn) Jin xjin at
Tue Jan 14 16:07:38 EST 2003

The 8xx CPM configuration in 2.4.4 release from DENX has more options
than any other release, including 2.4.21-pre3. For example,
CONFIG_SMC1_UART is in 2.4.4 (DENX). My board uses SMC1 as UART. I
almost needn't to change anything in 2.4.4-denx to make my 8xx CPM
working. I'm trying to migrate the kernel to 2.4.21 and the kernel is
stuck in my_console_write() and no any message is shown on the console.
So I think the problem is in CPM settings. I enabled the following
configuations for MPC8xx CPM.

How can I set CPM correctly in 2.4.21? Any hints are greatly appreciated.

- Shawn.

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