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Hello guys,

Thursday, November 22, 2001, 10:17:13 AM, you wrote:

WD> Dear Sarnath,

WD> in message <20011122122132.18969.qmail at mailweb26.rediffmail.com> you wrote:
>> via ethernet card. Any such utilities for the
>> sandpoint platform are available.. ?

WD> Use PPCBoot.

I second this :-)

WD> I'm not sure how good the Sandpoint support is  at  the  moment,  but
WD> it's  there,  and  it compiles, and some people say they actually use
WD> it.

>>  Whats "tftp" and How do I set it up ?

I think this is a fair question. When I bought my Abatron BDI2000, I
had a hard time setting up a TFTP server on my Linux host... it was
much easier to use the Windowze-based TFTP server that came along
with the Abatron firmware :-(

Fortunatelly, we have some local Linux gurus here at my job place. So,
basically, what has to be done, assuming a Linux host, is:

1 - Check if you're lucky: try locating in.tftpd in your bin
directories (mainly in /usr/sbin)

2 - If you don't have it, download it from the web; better download
both server and clients apps

3 - Install them (I have a Red Hat box, so installing rpm's is
straightforward for me :-)

4 - Now, the tough part: you'll have to manually configure inetd (or
worse, xinetd - depending on your system). I can put a copy of a
sample conf file here, if you need it...


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