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Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Nov 23 00:17:13 EST 2001

Dear Sarnath,

in message <20011122122132.18969.qmail at mailweb26.rediffmail.com> you wrote:
>  I am really impatient with the way DINK downloads
> the kernel over the serial line..
>  i just want to get rid of it..
> Is it possible to download a "Ethernet boot"
> utility thru which I can download the kernel
> via ethernet card. Any such utilities for the
> sandpoint platform are available.. ?

Use PPCBoot.

I'm not sure how good the Sandpoint support is  at  the  moment,  but
it's  there,  and  it compiles, and some people say they actually use

>  Whats "tftp" and How do I set it up ?

Trivial File Transfer Protocol.

> (no RTFMs please...)

Ummm... but this _is_ a RFTM job.

Or ask your friendly network administrator :-)

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