cross-compiling libraries

Kevin Fry kevin at
Sat Nov 24 13:28:12 EST 2001

Okay this is probably a newbie, RTFM question, but if you could just point me in
the right direction, I'd
appreciate it.

I need to compile some 1394 libraries for my embedded 8260 board (HHL 2.0). These
are the libraw1394 libraries needed for Firewire.  They have a ./configure script
and everything, but if I tell the script --target=powerpc-linux I get 100's of
make errors.  I'm using the HHL2.0 cross compiler, maybe that needs something
extra to be done?

Any advice on manually cross compiling libraries?

I can include the ./configure file if it would help.


Kevin Fry
Carts llc

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