How do I set system wide timezone?

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Mon Nov 12 08:35:53 EST 2001

Hi John,

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> I have RTC on my board and I am setting clock
> correctly using PPCBoot's date command. I can read it
> back when I am in PPCboot before booting 860's RTC is
> being set to value read from RTC.

I think you know, but just to be sure: PPCBoot does  not  know  about
timezones, so you must set the time in PPCBoot to UTC.

> Now when linux boots the time is way off, but if I
> explicitly set my TZ environment variable, to export
> TZ=PDT the time displayed by linux is also correct.
> But my daemons are still reporting UTC based time.
> Where do I configure the fact that time should be read
> with timzone of PDT ( Pacific Daylight savings). Is
> this something I can pass to the kernel at boot?

This depends on distribution and things like that.

> I tried editing my /etc/rc.sysinit and setting TZ

No. Make sure /etc/localtime is  correct,  and  make  sure  the  boot
scripts  know  that  the  RTC  stores the time in UTC - under RedHat,
check that /etc/sysconfig/clock has a correct entry for  "ZONE",  and
that there is a line "UTC=true".

Hope this helps,

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