"OpenPIC versus EPIC" in MPC8240 !

Sarnath Kannan sparc64 at rediffmail.com
Mon Nov 12 19:41:14 EST 2001

Hi Ashish,
  what I felt was, populating reserved areas
is a bug. Thats what I accentuated. Moreover
I has said that this could be a __possible__
cause for getting bogus interrupts. I would
say there is 80% possibility.
 Moreover if u can read the EPIC manual,
u can notice that IVPR and SVPR both start
at  offset 0x50200. ( So the IVPR space is
not a continous 24 entries. It is actually
overalapped and discontinous )
 The EPIC manual clearly says "EPIC" is __adopted__
from OpenPIC specification . It never says it
conforms to the OpenPIC spec.
  I have no idea of hurting people. But if a bug
is pointed out, there is no harm in accepting it.

  lets put an end to this topic. I no more
want to discuss anything about this.

Good Luck

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